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Fast Company names OMORPHO as one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2023

March 2023
OMORPHO TeamSmall weights. Big results.
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We couldn’t be more proud to share the news that Fast Company has named OMORPHO as one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2023 and the No. 7 Most Innovative Company in the wellness category. This further demonstrates the growing attention for the new fitness trend of wearable resistance. The ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’ is Fast Company’s signature franchise, which provides a firsthand look at the inspiring and innovative efforts of companies across all sectors of the economy.

“We are honored to be recognized, not only as one of the most innovative training companies in the world, but one that is making a difference within the health and wellness space,” said Stefan Olander, OMORPHO Co-Founder and CEO. “The global sportswear market has seen little, if any, functional innovation for a very long time. OMORPHO’s micro-weighted G-Vest and G-Wear help athletes of all skill levels yield measurable performance benefits simply by changing what they wear when working out, without having to alter their routine or natural movement.”

Increase the effectiveness of your workouts, just by changing what you wear

OMORPHO’s science-backed wearable resistance technology, MicroLoad, strategically distributes small amounts of weight across the body via sportswear like leggings, crop tops and vests, and is designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger by adding resistance to key muscle groups without limiting natural movement. 

OMORPHO’s G-Wear is outfitted with hundreds of individual high-density polymer spheres that are fused to the fabric to evenly distribute weight ranging from 0.5 to 2.5lbs. And yes, all G-Wear is safe to put in the wash after a workout. The collection includes styles such as the G-Biker Short, G-Tight, G-Crop, G-Top Short Sleeve and the G-Short 2-in-1.

In November 2022, OMORPHO unveiled the innovative G-Vest, the world’s first connected weight vest that gives athletes the freedom to train anywhere and train smarter. The G-Vest features an NFC tag embedded within the vest. Tapping it with an iOS mobile device seamlessly launches the new OMORPHO Training App, the first digital fitness solution specializing in wearable weight training. 

Small weights make a big difference

Studies have shown the use of MicroLoad as wearable resistance can lead to an 8% increase in power, 9% increase in vert, 3% increase in speed and 8% increase in caloric burn. 

“The principles behind MicroLoad are simple,” said Dr. Erin Feser, Head of Science at OMORPHO. “By placing weight on the parts of the body that are moving, you increase the challenge to the active muscles. By keeping the weight light, you can move with nearly the same speed and intensity, by distributing the weight across your body, resulting in no interference to how you move naturally.”

The science of MicroLoad is even being used by professional sports scientists looking to give their athletes an edge. Tennis star Ajla Tomljanović has turned to the emerging sport science of MicroLoad to help her climb the ranks, along with rookie Eagles punt returner Britain Covey, who recently competed in the Super Bowl, Vikings running back Alexander Mattison and Nicholson brothers Brian and Scott, the professional choreographers and dancers known for accompanying artists like Ariana Grande on tour. Several top trainers like Jennifer Jacobs and Julie ‘Jaws’ Nelson back the brand, as well. Check out the entire OMORPHO crew here.

Designed to amplify any sport

Here’s how everyone -- from Pro athletes to boutique fitness studio devotees -- are embracing OMORPHO:

  • On the basketball, tennis and even pickleball courts, speed wins points. Get faster and jump higher with every cut, dunk or deke by targeting mover and stability muscles with added weight distributed across the upper body.
  • From the barre studio to the sidewalk for a hot girl walk, it’s always leg day in OMORPHO’s weighted leggings. Designed to boost workouts and tone muscles faster, these lightly weighted tights bring resistance training to any exercise where your legs are moving.
  • Runners looking to boost their endurance keep their load light for long distances, with tanks and tights that distribute weight across the core and legs to develop muscles for increased aerobic capacity. Runners looking to increase their speed add extra weight to focus muscle overload across the upper body, core and legs, resulting in increased dynamic stability and limb speed.

Find the winning mix of OMORPHO gear for every sport -- from boxing to yoga here.

To learn more about OMORPHO, the benefits of MicroLoad and to shop the collection please visit or follow us on Instagram @OMORPHO. 

Fast Company has named OMORPHO as one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2023 and the No. 7 Most Innovative Company in the wellness category. This further demonstrates the growing attention for the new fitness trend of wearable resistance.

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Julie Jaws Nelson wearing OMORPHO black lifestyle hoodie in New York.

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