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January Gravity Walks

December 2023
Stefan OlanderFounder and CEO
Blog - Gravity Walks - Program Overview



This January we’ll be doing 22 Gravity Walks wearing our Gravity Sportswear. The difficulty will gradually increase over the month, as we build strength and stimulate our cardiovascular system.

Signup to receive the free program, and get a reminder email on Gravity Walk days, with a quick video intro plus some listening inspiration if you’re walking with headphones. Most walks are outdoor, but some will be on a treadmill. If you don’t have access to one, you can of course do an outdoor walk instead as long as you can find some hilly terrain, and if you should miss a day, you can always use a rest day to catch up.

On January 31 you’ll receive an email where you enter how many Gravity Walks you completed:

10 Walks = Bronze (Good effort - well done)

15 Walks = Silver (Great effort, you’re on a roll)

20+ Walks = Gold (You killed it! ’24 is off to a perfect start!)

This enters you in a drawing for $500 store credit, and the first 100 to respond will get a free OMORPHO water bottle.



We’ll be walking at two Heart Rate (HR) Zones to vary intensity, and for some of the walks you will need some hills to get your heart rate up. A heart rate monitor is not required, but can be helpful:

Zone 2 / Light / 60-70% of max HR* If you don’t have a heart rate monitor - Zone 2 is a slow, steady walk that you can maintain for a long time while having a casual conversation.

Zone 3 / Moderate / 70-80% of max HR* If you don’t have a heart rate monitor - Zone 3 means talking while walking becomes more difficult, and you can only speak in short sentences.

* Your maximum HR rate can be estimated by this common formula: 220 - your age. This is just a guideline, so please listen to your body and don’t push beyond comfort.



We highly recommend wearing the G-Vest to get the most out of this series, but wearing any of our Gravity Sportswear will help you get more from every step along the way.

To help you maximize the results of the Sweat Smarter Challenge, we've created a Gravity Sportswear Bundle specifically chosen for walking and hiking. Adding micro-weights across your body as you move increases the challenge to your muscles to build strength and stability, while also burning more calories.

The Sweat Smarter Bundle includes:

G-Vest - Challenge your muscles to work harder and develop a stronger frame with every step. Fully adjustable and designed to fit him and her perfectly.

G-Tight - This comfortable legging evenly distributes 1-2 lb over your quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. You barely feel them during your walks but you’ll definitely feel the effect when you take them off.

- Shop the Sweat Smarter Bundles -


Let's kick off 2024 together and give our fitness a boost!

Walking with the G-Vest and G-Tight will stimulate your cardiovascular system and help you build strength.

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