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OMORPHO Fitness App Workout of the Month: Full Body Burn

April 2023
Tatyana JohnstonSport Performance Lead
May 23 WOM Feature Image

For the month of May, we’re featuring a very fun, sunny workout filmed in San Diego, California, from the OMORPHO fitness app. It’s a full-body routine that targets the lower body, upper body, core, and cardio in a unique circuit format that’s repeatable with any of your favorite moves. 

I co-led this workout with my friend and coworker, Eliel. Together, we take you through a full 20 minutes of exercise that will leave you feeling both tired and energized simultaneously. Since we wore our OMORPHO G-Vest and Gravity Apparel, we burned up to 8% more calories doing it!

Below is a breakdown of this workout so you can understand the OMORPHO training philosophy and how it impacts our programming. Our goal is to give you the tools to customize your workouts. This workout has four blocks, and the first three repeat the same moves. Let’s go!

Block 1

Do each of the below moves in 1:00 intervals.

In Block 1, each working interval is one minute, which can feel really long. The timing helps you to learn the move and warm your body up! Move 1 is a squat to curtsy lunge, which is a quad and glute burn and requires a little coordination. Move 2 is a tempo tricep push-up to leg lift. Adding a slower tempo to push-ups, while focusing on your form, makes you sit longer in the tension and helps those muscles reach fatigue. 

Move 3 is a sit-up with a twist, a very functional and straightforward ab exercise that includes some oblique work. Move 4 is your cardio move, four mountain climbers to a plank jump. This resembles a burpee and has a full-body and cardio focus. Again, the one-minute interval might feel long, but it’s intentional to let your body warm up and help you push yourself in the second half.

Block 2

Do each move in 0:45 intervals.

In Block 2, each working internal is 45 seconds. The moves don’t change because the more comfortable you are with these moves, the more you can push the intensity and build strength. During this block, you will feel that your muscles are warmed up, and that you can increase your speed and intensity because you have 15 seconds less. In your training journey, it’s important to change your interval times and time spent under tension!

Block 3

Do each move in 0:30 intervals.

In Block 3, each working interval is 30 seconds. Again, the moves don’t change, but this is now half the amount of time that we started with. Although you will be tired, the shorter interval should give you some more motivation and “almost done with the workout” energy. This is the last time you will be doing these exercises in the routine, so this is your opportunity to push it!

Block 4

Do each of the below moves in 1:00 intervals with abs.

In Block 4, we changed the exercises to be all core moves, and the intervals go back up to one minute for a final push to the finish line. There are two exercises that you repeat two times through: a plank and scissor kicks. Both of these showcase the G-Vest weighted vest in the best way because planking with extra weight is no joke!

Since your body is tired, and it’s the end of the workout, we incorporated a static hold and a dynamic core move. Both have intensity yet are mindful of your fatigue level to help you push and be successful. 

You can take this timing format (1:00, :45, :30 and 1:00) and plug in any exercises you want. You want the moves to be ones that you can perform for one minute without taking any significant breaks. The goal is to increase your intensity every block because the time under tension will decrease. And when you wear the G-Vest and Gravity Apparel, you automatically get more out of the workout!

This is one of our favorite OMORPHO fitness app workouts from our filming in sunny San Diego, California. It’s fast-paced and is led by trainer Tatyana Johnston and friend/co-worker Eliel, which makes it an extra fun fitness routine.

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