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OMORPHO Fitness App Workout of the Month: Gravity Minute

September 2023
Tatyana JohnstonSport Performance Lead
September EMOM Cover

For this month’s featured workout, I have chosen a challenging 20-minute EMOM workout called Gravity Minute, which features co-trainer Ace Cauthen from Portland, OR. This workout is a great blend of cardio and strength and really packs a punch because you are racing against the clock. Add some extra weight with G-Wear or G-Vest weighted workout gear to up the ante. 

EMOM stands for every minute on the minute; this means you will have one or two exercises that need to be completed before the minute is up, and whatever time is left is a rest period. The goal is to have time to rest, but as you get more tired, it takes longer to complete the moves and you become more fatigued, so the challenge is to stay within the minute and push yourself.

This workout has six simple exercises to improve your strength and fitness broken down into three, six-minute blocks. Each block has two exercises. The number of reps per block can be adjusted based on fitness level per individual. I have set the rest goal at 20 seconds. This means you'll want to find a rep count that allows you to finish your exercise at roughly 40 seconds so you can rest for the full 20 seconds before doing it again. If you find you are using the whole minute, you might need to decrease your reps. Alternatively, if you are done in 30 seconds, you might want to increase the reps to up the challenge. Remember, proper form is always the goal, not speed.

Block 1: 6-minute EMOM

5 Jump Lunge Burpees - 12 Bicycle Crunches

Exercise 1: Two jump lunges followed by a plank burpee (that’s 1 rep) which you will complete five times. This is a plyometric move that will burn your leg muscles and get your heart rate up right in the beginning! You can modify this move by taking out the jump in the lunge and stepping back into the burpee.

Exercise 2: 12 crossbody ab crunches. Take your time and really brace your core; the OMORPHO G-Vest adds a small amount of weight to your torso, which increases the challenge to your abs. These will allow you to catch your breath before starting again.

Block 2: 6-minute EMOM

10 Reverse Plank Leg Lifts - 6 Push-Up Leg Lifts

Exercise 1: Start in a seated position with your legs straight out and hands by hips. Lift your hips off the ground and push your shoulders away from your ears. From there, you alternate leg lifts…you will feel your hamstrings and abs right away! You can modify this move by performing a knee drive instead of a leg lift. 

Exercise 2: The reps are lower here because I want the focus to be on a solid push up followed by a slow squeeze and lift of the glute. This move involves chest, shoulders, abs, glutes…everything! The weighted G-Vest adds some fire to these push ups, so you can always modify to a knee push up or put your hands on an inclined surface, like a bench or a box. 

Block 3: 6-minute EMOM

10 Speed Skaters - 10 Controlled Crunches

Exercise 1: A lateral plyometric jump move; the goal is to get low and travel, keeping your abs engaged and hips low - the G-Vest will help you really push the power in this move. This exercise also tests your balance and coordination, and can be modified by decreasing the jump and distance, making it more strength based.

Exercise 2: Ten controlled-crunches; this move is a slow and controlled crunch, bringing your knees to your elbows. This move is less about speed and power and more about that controlled ab crunch. You can modify by doing alternating single leg crunches. 

And that’s your EMOM workout!

In 18 minutes, you’ve worked your whole body, and challenged both your strength and cardio. This is a great workout to come back to because you can try and increase the reps per minute, or you can sample different exercises and combinations to make up your own EMOM. Just remember, good form is always key and incorporating wearable resistance with the G-Vest weighted vest is the secret sauce to taking this workout to the next level!

In just 18 minutes OMORPHO Sport Performance Lead Tatyana Johnston takes you through a whole-body EMOM workout targeting both strength and cardio. Just remember, good form is always key and incorporating wearable resistance, such OMORPHO weighted training gear, is the secret sauce to taking your workout to the next level!

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