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OMORPHO Fitness App Workout of the Month: Legs and Cardio

April 2023
Tatyana JohnstonSport Performance Lead
OMORPHO Workout of the Month Legs and Cardio Cover

For the month of April, we’re featuring one of my favorite OMORPHO fitness app workouts from our filming in sunny Santa Barbara, California. It’s fast-paced, and I’m accompanied by two co-trainers, which makes it an extra fun fitness class. This workout focuses on legs and cardio, so wearing OMORPHO weighted G-Wear and G-Vest really amplifies it, thanks to their MicroLoad™ a technology. As always, there’s no additional fitness equipment needed. 

What I love about this workout is the flow. Block 1 is a good mix of strength and plyometrics, and Block 2 incorporates isometric movements and power moves. In Block 3, we use the workout vest as a weight, and Block 4 is a full-body finisher. This routine is balanced and designed to be your one workout for the day. Just dedicate 20 minutes to it, and you’re done! 

Below is a breakdown of the fitness workout with modifications to ensure that everyone can participate. So grab your OMORPHO gear, zip up your G-Vest and let’s get started.

Block 1

Do the below three times each for 20 seconds.

Exercise 1: Sumo squat to rotate 

This is a good warm-up for the legs and for core activation. You can decide how low you want the squat to be by starting off shallow as you warm up and increasing the difficulty as you go. 

Exercise 2: Curtsy lunge 

This movement works on lateral movement as well as balance using the glute medius, adductors, quads and more. 

Exercise 3: Squat jack

This is a plyometric movement to get your heart rate up.

Block 2

Do the below three times each for 20 seconds.

Exercise 1: Isometric squat

This block starts with an isometric squat hold which tests both quad strength and form.

Exercises 2 and 3: Lunge knee drive on the right and left sides

While this is a major glute burn, it’s my favorite move in the workout. The entire block is tough, but it comes at the right time. You’re warm but not too tired yet!

Block 3

Do the below three times each for 20 seconds.

Exercise 1: Squat clean

Now, momentarily remove your G-Vest and use it as a weight! This is a dynamic and full-body move that works just about everything.

Exercise 2: Overhead reverse lunge

Hold the vest overhead while doing step-back lunges. This one is purposefully tough on the arms and core, making one work to maintain good posture. 

Exercise 3: Lateral hop over

These lateral jumps help increase plyometric power. 

Block 4

Do the below three times each for 20 seconds.

Exercise 1: Jump squat to air squat

This move burns the legs in the final round, which helps with both body strength and plyometrics.

Exercise 2: Plank tap out

This move focuses on the core and arms and is a nice break from the leg workout.

Exercise 3: Plank jump

A plank jump is basically a cute way of doing a half burpee, except it’s a real leg burner.


If you need or want modifications, it’s ok! You can still do this workout by making some or all of the below adjustments. 

All squatting movements

Don’t bend your legs as much and keep your torso up. This will protect your knees and back.

All jumping movements

Take out the jump but keep the power and strength for each move. Add a calf raise and reach your arms up instead of jumping. You will still get the benefit.

All plank moves

You can do the planks on your knees. Just make sure you keep your shoulders over your wrists and brace your core.

Anything overhead

If these positions are too much for your shoulders, or your form starts to break, bring your arms down and focus on the lower body portion of the move. Good form is more important than adding an extra layer of difficulty.

Wearing OMORPHO G-Wear and the G-Vest makes this entire workout more efficient and helps you burn up to 8% more calories. This means you get more out of your 20 minutes than you would otherwise!

Join us for more workouts like these on the OMORPHO fitness app or on our Instagram, @Omorpho. As always, our goal is to get all of us moving towards our goals a little faster and to incorporate a daily sweat that makes your life better overall.

This is one of our favorite OMORPHO fitness app workouts from our filming in sunny Santa Barbara, California. It’s fast-paced and is led by three trainers, which makes it an extra fun fitness class.

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