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The Gravity Baseline

November 2021
Tatyana JohnstonSport Performance Lead
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The Gravity Baseline is a quick, 15-minute workout, accessible for people at all levels. It helps you assess your fitness level and provide a simple score so you can share, compare and track your progress.

It consists of five simple foundational moves: push-up, squat, sit-up, burpee, and plank. They will evaluate your functional movement, aerobic capacity, dynamic agility, and progressive overload, while delivering a well-rounded and effective fitness test.


The Gravity Baseline is divided into five 2-minute working intervals with 1-minute rest intervals. 

After each working interval, you will need to write down how many you completed to determine your score at the conclusion of the workout.

The video shows full movement demonstrations. as well as modifications for each exercise so you can push yourself with each exercise, but maintain the best form you can. Good form always comes before more reps.

The workout flows as follows:

  • 2 minutes - Push-ups (as many as you can complete with good form)
  • 1 min rest
  • 2 minutes - Squats (as many as you can complete with good form)
  • 1 min rest
  • 2 minutes - Sit-ups (as many as you can complete with good form)
  • 1 min rest
  • 2 minutes - Burpees (as many as you can complete with good form)
  • 1 min rest
  • 2 minutes - Plank (hold as long as possible with good form)


The Gravity Baseline score will be between 0 - 100 where each move can contribute a max of 20 points to your overall score. You might be higher on some and lower on others, and that’s totally normal, as we all have different strengths in different areas.

Note: If you have the OMORPHO App, you will be able to enter your information and get your score automatically.  


How should I use my Gravity Baseline score? 

Your score is for you to understand your current ability level.  These are a starting place for you, and will be your reference point as improve over time with your Gravity Training.

How often should I do the Gravity Baseline? 

We recommend you complete the Gravity Baseline shortly after starting a new workout regimen (first 2 weeks), and then monthly with a regular training program in order to see measurable improvements in your results. 

Should I wear my G-Vest when I do the Gravity Baseline? 

The Gravity Baseline is meant to assess your ability with just your own body weight (No G-Vest required).  Your G-Vest is the ultimate training tool to help you get stronger and improve your Gravity Baseline score. It will be your workout companion as you use the Gravity Training app and/or complete your own workouts in between Gravity Baseline tests.

Who created the Gravity Baseline? 

The Gravity Baseline was created by the OMORPHO team and is lead by Master Trainer Tatyana Johnston.

The Gravity Baseline should be revisited once a month with a regular training program, in order to capture measureable improvements in your results.

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