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Working with NBA Center Mason Plumlee, OMORPHO Now Offers G-Wear in Extended Sizing for Big and Tall Athletes

June 2023
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If you’re an athlete, you know how important it is to have the right clothing and gear for your sport. You need clothes that fit well, are comfortable, durable, and stylish. As a professional basketball player, such as OMORPHO advisor Mason Plumlee, finding the right size can be challenging, especially if you are taller or bigger than the average athlete. That’s why OMORPHO is now offering extended sizing for its G-Wear G-Top Sleeveless and G-Short 2-in-1 micro-weighted training gear.

The Power of Inclusivity in Sports 

Sports have the incredible ability to bring people together and inspire a sense of unity. However, when athletes don't have access to performance equipment and apparel that fits their bodies comfortably, it can create barriers and hinder their performance. OMORPHO understands that athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and are committed to creating the highest quality micro-weighted training gear that will improve performance through wearable resistance. 

“As part of our product creation process OMORPHO spends time with athletes big and small to be sure our weighted training gear accommodates various body types,” said Irena Ilcheva, OMORPHO, Head of Innovation and Creation. “Mason [Plumlee] was one of our early wear testers of the extended sizing for the G-Top Sleeveless and shares in our mission to help athletes simplify their pursuit of athletic improvement.”

According to NBA player and OMORPHO advisor Mason Plumlee, "As a basketball player, I often find there's a lack of inclusive sizing options in athletic gear and even fewer that offer performance benefits.  I learned of OMORPHO and MicroLoad and was immediately hooked. They listened to my request to offer extended sizing for athletes like me and now I'm able to take advantage of their micro-weighted training products. I use their weighted Gravity Apparel on the court to add resistance to workouts and without disrupting my natural range of motion. It’s a perfect match for my strength and agility training and my on-court skill workouts."

What are the benefits of extended sizing?

Extended sizing can help you perform better on the court or the field, by providing you with clothes and gear that fit properly and don't restrict your movement. You can also avoid injuries and discomfort caused by wearing clothes that are too tight, too loose, or too short.

Extended sizing for OMORPHO G-Wear G-Top Sleeveless and G-Short 2-in-1 is available now.

By offering extended sizing options in its G-Top Sleeveless and G-Short 2-in-1,  OMORPHO empowers athletes to feel confident, comfortable, and ready to dominate the court or field, regardless of body type.

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