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Sweat Smarter Series, Volume 4: How to Use a Weighted Vest

December 2023
Katie MarreelSr. Digital Product Manager & Fitness Instructor

Up to this point in our Sweat Smarter series, we have defined what a weighted vest is and gained a better understanding of who can benefit from them. We've explored the innovative design behind the OMORPHO G-Vest with MicroLoad, which not only complements your style but also amplifies your workouts. In this article, we will explore how to use a weighted vest and highlight the activities and benefits that come to life when incorporating this versatile training tool into your workouts and everyday routines.

Your Perfect Training Partner

Lightweight vests, such as the OMORPHO G-Vest with 5 lbs. for women and 10 lbs. for men, are designed to accompany and enhance the activities and sports you are already doing. The unique form-fitting design of the G-Vest becomes part of your body without any loose or cumbersome bulk of a heavy-weight vest, allowing you to move with a wide range of fluidity and motion. The added weight is distributed evenly across the core, making the G-Vest comfortable to wear while adding a challenge to make you stronger in the activities you are most passionate about.

Ultimate Versatility

Weighted vests offer a versatile option for people across a wide range of fitness levels. While vests come in many shapes, sizes, and weights, our micro-weighted OMORPHO G-Vest is perfect for elite athletes, fitness beginners, and even those returning from injuries. Additionally, many people may find heavy-weight vests daunting and potentially risky, while lighter-weight vests provide a more approachable starting point, allowing you to gradually acclimate to the added resistance without compromising form or risking undue strain on joints.

Getting Started is Easy

With so many versatile uses for the vest, you may be wondering about the best way to get started. The good news is that it's easy! Whatever your sport or activity, whether in recovery or at peak fitness, here are a few tips to begin integrating the vest into your fitness routines.

Try It Out: Wear the vest for part of a workout and see how it feels. This could be as easy as going for a 10-minute walk or wearing it for a few rounds of agility drills at the gym. You'll want to wear it long enough that you notice the added challenge without feeling exhausted or getting sore afterward. Based on how you feel during the workout, you can assess how quickly or slowly to add the G-Vest to future workouts.

Progress Gradually: Take your time and listen to your body. Adding the use of the G-Vest with gradual progression will help minimize the risk of injury and allow you to sustainably integrate the vest into your workouts for the long term. Depending on your fitness level, you may choose to integrate the vest at the beginning of your workouts and progress towards using it for a full workout, or you may jump into full-session training and progress by adding more sessions per week. This initial phase should allow the body to acclimate to the added load during basic movements and progress as the body adjusts and gains strength.

How to Use the Vest

Because the G-Vest has so many versatile applications, you may still be wondering how to integrate it into your specific workouts and activities. Below, we'll explore different uses and strategies to integrate the G-Vest into your fitness journey.

G-Vest for Athletic Performance

For athletes looking for an edge to shave seconds off a run, develop quicker agility, or increase vertical power for competition, the G-Vest has the perfect amount of weight to drive results without having to alter your training program. Start by integrating the weight vest into sports-specific drills to simulate game-like conditions. This could include agility drills, change of direction exercises, or position-specific movements, depending on the requirements of your sport.

G-Vest for Fitness

Fitness enthusiasts will maximize the benefits of regular workout sessions by increasing calorie burn, tone, and strength from the added challenge of weight. The G-Vest can be worn for full-body workouts to engage multiple muscle groups, including exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, and box jumps. These compound movements not only work various muscles simultaneously but also increase the overall intensity of your workout.

Wearing the vest for cardiovascular training, such as walking on a treadmill, using an elliptical machine, or climbing stairs, will add resistance to elevate your heart rate and increase calorie burn.

The G-Vest will also spice up your HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) by introducing extra weight that forces your body to work harder through each drill, burning more calories and improving cardiovascular fitness. Jumping jacks, burpees, and sprints with short bursts of intensity followed by rest periods are great exercises to perform.

G-Vest for Walking & Hiking

Whether you are preparing for a big hike or going for a casual walk, the added weight of the G-Vest provides an effective challenge to your legs and core to drive improved bone density, core stability, and endurance. In general, gradual progression in time and distance is recommended for walking and hiking in a weighted vest.

For brisk walking sessions, wearing added weight can significantly elevate your heart rate and calorie burn, turning a simple walk into a more challenging cardiovascular workout. For hiking, start wearing the G-Vest on paved walkways and gradually progress to uneven terrain and elevations as your body builds strength and stability.

G-Vest for Daily Activity

The G-Vest is the ultimate multi-tasking tool that will challenge your body to better fitness while you go about your regular activities and functional movements. From unloading groceries and doing yard work to running errands and cleaning the house, the added weight from wearing a lightweight vest can turn routine activities into low-impact cardiovascular workouts, helping to burn extra calories while engaging various muscle groups to improve strength and tone.

While heavy-weight vests can be bulky and cumbersome, the G-Vest is designed to look as good as its function. The low-profile design can be layered under tops, scrubs, work uniforms, and jackets or shown off as a fun outer layer wherever you go.


Integrating the G-Vest with daily activities, walking, fitness, and competitive sports can add a new dimension to your training routines by promoting strength, endurance, and overall fitness. From competitive athletic training to everyday life activities, the G-Vest adds an effective dose of added weight and challenge that will have your body burning more, working more, and getting stronger with every move. By following a few easy steps to get started and adding the vest to workouts with gradual progression, you'll be able to increase the use of the vest to maximize benefits for long-term sustainable use to reach and maintain any fitness goal.

Weighted vests offer a versatile option for people across a wide range of fitness levels. While vests come in many shapes, sizes, and weights, our micro-weighted OMORPHO G-Vest is perfect for elite athletes, fitness beginners, and even those returning from injuries. Applying gradual implementation of the vest over time allows the body to adapt and strengthen without injury for prolonged use and maximal benefits.

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