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Matthias Dandois - Ambassador Hero

Matthias Dandois

Flatland BMX King

Matthias is a virtuoso on the bike. Deftly sidestepping the laws of physics, this 9-time BMX Flatland World Champ can make his bike breakdance on a single wheel. Behind the artistry is a lifetime of dedicated training. He prioritizes core strength in his BMX-tailored fitness plan, and gets the most out of his training time with Gravity Sportswear. Because high-efficiency workouts leave more time to nail new moves.

Matthias' Gravity Film

Behind the Scenes

Matthias’ Essentials:

G-Top LS&
Cynthia Erivo - Ambassador Hero

Cynthia Erivo

Producer, Multi-Hyphenate, Workout Legend

Cynthia doesn’t just survive under pressure; she thrives. She’s headlined films, tv shows and Broadway productions, and has a bevy of awards and nominations to her name. Between rehearsals and shoot days, she hits the gym in her Gravity Sportswear, building strength and stamina to tackle her nonstop schedule. She’ll be the first to tell you: a little pressure can be a beautiful thing.

Cynthia's Gravity Film

Behind the Scenes

Cynthia's Go-To Gear:

Julio Jones - Ambassador Hero

Julio Jones

All-Pro Football Phenom

For Julio, the path of least resistance is through the air. The seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver is famed for his astonishing speed and powerful vertical leap. He uses Gravity Sportswear to give him an edge while training. If you ask him the secret to his success, he’ll tell you it’s committing to incremental progress every day.

Julio's Gravity Film

Behind the Scenes

Julio's Game-Changers:

Annie Kunz - Ambassador Hero

Annie Kunz

Olympian, Heptathlete, Track & Field Superstar

From high jumps to hurdles, Annie spends about as much time in the air as she does on the ground. The Colorado native recently repped the US in Tokyo. Now she’s back to work with her rigorous circuit training and beach workouts, with a lift from Gravity Sportswear. Next stop? Paris 2024.

Annie's Gravity Film

Behind the Scenes

Annie’s Training Must-Haves:

Nicholson Twins - Ambassador Hero

Brian & Scott Nicholson

Movement Artists, Creative Directors, Choreographers

Brian and Scott are athletes as much as artists. These dancer/choreographer twin brothers never underestimate the link between body and mind — their creative vision couldn’t take flight without it. They rely on well-balanced bodyweight workouts in Gravity Sportswear to keep them centered as they soar through world tours with superstars like Ariana Grande.

Brian & Scott's Gravity Film

Behind the Scenes

Brian and Scott’s Key Pieces:

Ajla Tomljanović - Ambassador Hero

Ajla Tomljanović

Global Tennis Powerhouse

Wimbledon quarterfinalist Ajla earned her Top 50 ranking with a rock-solid backhand and groundstroke versatility. To reach for the top, Ajla knows she has to outwork the competition. She trains in her Gravity Sportswear to give her powerful serve and blistering backhand a boost.

Ajla's Gravity Film

Behind the Scenes

Ajla’s Arsenal:

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