g-vest sport

6 lbs

color: USA

USA is crispy white with red and blue accents to match the flag's stars and stripes.

size: S-M

Chris is 5ft 9in and wears size L.

Expected to ship by Friday, July 26.

The G-Vest Sport is the key to leveling up your athleticism. It's the first weighted vest tuned for speed and agility. It's 6lbs is the perfect weight for team sports, multi-directional movement and long-lasting cardio sessions. The stainless steel G-Spheres are spread across your torso to distribute the weight, and wrapped in layers of foam making the vest pliable to move how you move. The snug fit can be quickly adjusted during workouts for comfort to maintain comfort during motion, or at rest.

Why you'll love it

Great for
Long duration cardio and high intensity athletics. Wearing the G-Vest Sport will add just enough resistance to challenge your top speeds and most explosive movements, helping you break thru barriers and build game or race day endurance.

Locked-in fit
Adjust the shoulder straps for torso length, and adjustable side-cinch pull to get the perfect fit. The front zip and side cords lock in place, a small detail that goes a long way through jump lunges and burpees.

Naturally distributed weight
We spread the weight naturally across the torso close to the body, minimizing perception of the weight while minimizing impact to movement mechanics as you train.

Easy to clean
Spot clean it after you break a sweat, or hand wash in cold water. Hang it out to dry in the shade.

Just The Details

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