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OMORPHO Crewmember Alexander Mattison on Resistance Training

December 2022
OMORPHO TeamSmall weights. Big results.
Alexander Mattison wears OMORPHO Fire G-Vest

As a professional running back, Alexander Mattison knows the value of resistance training to increase power and agility. Since joining the OMORPHO Crew, Mattison has elevated his regimen with the OMORPHO G-Vest weighted vest and G-Wear, helping him feel faster and stronger for game time. 

Growing up in San Bernardino, California, Mattison excelled in not just football but also track and wrestling. By the time he got to Boise State University, it was abundantly clear that his yardage, carries and touchdowns were a fit for the pro game. Mattison entered the 2019 NFL Draft and was selected by the Minnesota Vikings.

Below, Mattison shares his story, how he trains and how the MicroLoad technology of OMORPHO products helps him on and off the field.

How and when did you start playing football?

I always say, "I was a six-year-old kid that fell in love with the game and never looked back." That's how it was for me. I wanted to play at age five, but I wasn’t old enough to play contact football, so I started out playing soccer. My older brother played football, so I'd be on the side during practice trying to imitate the drills they were doing. 

At that age, just being able to throw on a helmet and shoulder pads and run around is all the thrill you need. You learn the fundamentals: how to take a hand off, how to throw and how to catch. I remember learning all that stuff and having a lot of fun. I already knew that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. That’s when my dream of playing in the NFL was born.

Do you still get that feeling when you strap on?

Yeah, it's still surreal to me that this is what I do for a living. I’m extremely blessed to be in the position I am. The game has taught me so many life lessons, from discipline to hard work, and it’s essentially allowed me to grow into the person I am and have the career I have today.

I never wanted to miss a snap, a rep, come out of practice or come out of the game. You face a lot of adversities, from injuries to things you just don’t understand right away, and it’s humbling. You just have to put the work in and know that it will eventually pay off.

How does that apply to the training you do, including with OMORPHO product?

I like to use the OMORPHO G-Vest weighted vest and G-Wear weighted apparel throughout the week and season. When we were doing OTAs, I wore it during every other practice. The MicroLoad really helped me not only in my football movements but also in staying grounded, balanced and stable in my knees and ankles. By burning extra calories and doing that extra work, I feel more explosive and stronger. I’ll wear it in training camp, to see how much I can take with the pads on. With the pads off, I’ll keep wearing it at least twice a week.

It usually catches up with me in the first half of the workout. I'll be like, "Man, why did I do this?" But then, two reps later, I'm like, “I love this. This is that extra burn I need.” MicroLoad sometimes feels like it’s beating you up, but it really brings you up. It’s a balance of challenging yourself but also progressing through that challenge. I think wearing OMORPHO training gear is the epitome of that.

How has your training or game improved since using OMORPHO?

After using it for months, I'm jumping a lot higher. My explosiveness and broad jumps are a lot better. I went back home during the off-season, and I trained in OMORPHO gear the entire time. It’s definitely paying off, and I've noticed since the beginning. Looking back now, it’s not an inch difference, it’s like a 4-6 inch difference.

I’ve even played basketball with it on. One day, I went to the gym to hoop with my brother, and I didn't wear it. I could easily dunk with two hands, and that's not usually easy for me to do. It’s a testament to the hard work I’m doing in training, on top of using MicroLoad.

Do you wish you had OMORPHO back in high school, college or in your early pro days?

Yeah, definitely. I was only aware of ankle weights or heavyweight vests back then. It's not healthy for your knees and joints to run around or do football moves in 20-25+ pounds like that, and it’s not something you can do consistently. When I look at the design and engineering of OMORPHO, and how you can use MicroLoad to evenly distribute weight across your body, I wish I had it back then. I probably would have been a first-round pick! At least I have it now.

Now that you've been in the NFL a few years, how do you focus on mental fitness?

It’s an everyday commitment. Every day, you’ve got to make daily deposits. I like to do stretching, breathing exercises and positive words of affirmation, rather than complain or say doubtful things. Over the years, I've learned how to shape my life in that way to take myself to the next level. It goes beyond football and applies to everyone, no matter your walk of life. It’s like the OMORPHO weight being distributed throughout the apparel. There’s always going to be some extra pressure, extra competitiveness or extra push to overcome. Having a strong, healthy mentality and positive practices will help you get through it.

What are your goals going into any new season?

I always want to have a great season, but overall, my goal is to just be explosive and leave an undeniable presence on the field. Whenever I get the chance to be on the field, it’s an opportunity for people to respect my game and my name. Taking my game to the next level is something I'm really focused on. That's another reason why I believe in everything I'm doing with my training, OMORPHO Gravity Sportswear and adding the MicroLoad. It's definitely helping me become the player I want to be. Subscribe to the OMORPHO newsletter for more Crew stories like this.

As a pro running back, Alexander Mattison knows the value of resistance training to increase power and agility. Since joining the OMORPHO Crew, Mattison has elevated his regimen with the OMORPHO G-Vest weighted vest and G-Wear weighted apparel, helping him feel faster and stronger for game time. 

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