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Britain Covey Training With OMORPHO G-Vest Weighted Vest

January 2023
OMORPHO TeamSmall weights. Big results.
britain covey training in gvest in side plank

Britain Covey is an NFL Wide Receiver and return specialist for the Philadelphia Eagles and a member of the OMORPHO Crew. 

As a member of the Philadelphia Eagles receiving core and special teams unit, Britain Covey is laser-focused on body control and resistance training as the foundation for his speed and stamina. Since joining the OMORPHO Crew, Covey has upgraded his training regimen with the OMORPHO G-Vest weighted vest and G-Wear helping him improve strength and mobility to be ready for game time. 

Growing up in Provo, Utah, Covey started out as a high school quarterback before transitioning to wide receiver and kick returner for the University of Utah. He was the conference leader for receiving yards in multiple categories, the university leader in receiving yards for three seasons and was named first-team Freshman All-American. Covey was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles following the 2022 NFL Draft. 

Below, Covey shares his story, how he trains and how the MicroLoad technology of OMORPHO products helps him on and off the field.

Growing up, what was your athletic journey like, including some of the challenges you faced along the way? 

I was always the smallest athlete on every team that I played on. It came with having a little bit of a chip on my shoulder. I was never good at doing stuff in the weight room. In every sport, I was always the weakest on the team, but I was always one of the best players, too. 

The big reason behind that is I had body control. I've always felt that body control is even more important than strength. Some of the most unbelievably talented athletes can be awkward with their bodies or unable to control their athleticism, making it hard for them to perform. For me, training and growing up have been all about what I can actually do with my body on the field, rather than just in the weight room.

How would you describe the experience of playing alongside other athletes throughout high school, college and the pros?

In high school, there are great athletes, but nobody's very polished. Then, you get to college, and the athleticism goes up, but the intelligence, body control and little details still aren't quite there. Then, you get to the pros, and not only are there the best athletes you've ever seen, but they're also intelligent, and they have amazing body control and understanding of the game. 

There are levels to everything, and once you get up to the highest level, you realize that you used to be the fastest on your team. However, at this new level, everybody's fast. You used to be the smartest on your team. Now, everybody's smart. So any little edge you can get, you take.

Even though you struggled with the weight room early on, how has your training evolved over the years, making it possible for you to be in the NFL?

Well, I used to train very conventionally. I’d just do what the local trainers said. I never felt like their guidance directly translated to the field, which used to frustrate me. They’d tell me to bench, squat, etc. It never worked or felt exactly how I wanted it to feel on the field. At the same time, some of the guys in the weight room would dominate in training, but then we'd get out on the field, and I’d be able to dominate them competitively.

I've always looked for ways to do things in the weight room that will translate directly to the field. If you're really great at a cone drill or certain types of drills in the weight room, but then you can't go run a route when a defender's guarding you, then what's the point? A big part of my training has been asking what movements and muscle groups I can target to directly impact my performance.

How has wearing OMORPHO products helped you in your training?

OMORPHO is revolutionary because you get the benefits of lifting while you're playing your sport. You can do the exact movements that you're going to be doing with MicroLoadthat's evenly distributed across your body. If I think about what will directly translate to the field, I can run routes training with weighted tights and a weighted shirt, so that I'm working the exact muscle groups I'll use when running routes during a game.

That's why I love it. Everything you do in OMORPHO product directly translates to the movements you'll do in the game. Rather than lifting your legs and hoping that it helps, you're training the exact muscle groups you need to help you competitively.

How did you discover OMORPHO, and what were your first impressions?

I've always said this, but it's a really cool-looking product. If you haven't worn it, it's hard to understand exactly how great it is. My trainer had the OMORPHO G-Vest, and that’s how I first saw it. Throughout my life, I’ve always trained with weighted vests, but they were big and bulky and never fit very well to my body. You couldn't run with them. I saw the OMORPHO G-Vest weighted vest and wanted to try it. The moment I put it on, I told my marketing agent, "Get me in contact with this team because I need their products."

It was instantaneous for me. I knew right away after that first workout. It’s such a revolutionary product. In this new era of partnering with brands, I've been very hesitant to attach my name to things, and I’ve said no to a lot of opportunities. That's why I love being on the OMORPHO crew. It’s the most authentic thing to me, and that's why it was an easy decision to partner and see where it goes.

I’ve not only trained on the field in OMORPHO, I've played tennis, golfed and played other sports with it, too.

What are some of your goals in the NFL and for your training going forward?

It’s going to be a difficult road like it is for anyone in the NFL, especially when you're my size, but that's been the story of my entire athletic career. I went in the first six weeks and surprised everybody, so I'm hoping to do that again. I have very high hopes and dreams.

When it comes to my training, like I said before, I’m all about body control. Even though I'm small, I can control my body really well, and that's where the OMORPHO G-Vest helps me the most. I go out there and run routes with the weighted vest and G-Wear on. When I take it off, the control over my movement is just on another level. It definitely gives me an edge.

Do you remember how it felt the first time you put on the OMORPHO G-Vest?

Right away, I felt how well the weight was distributed across my body. It makes you feel like it’s training time. What’s maybe more important is how you feel once you take it off. That’s the OMORPHO effect. You’re ready to go. You’re ready to be faster. It’s like a baseball player using a heavy bat in warm-ups. When you get the regular bat, your swing speed is up. It’s like that.

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You can watch Britain Covey and his Philadelphia Eagles take on the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Conference Championships this Sunday, Jan 29. Check local listings for TV schedule.

As a member of the Philadelphia Eagles receiving core and special teams unit, Britain Covey is laser-focused on body control and resistance training as the foundation for his speed and stamina. Since joining the OMORPHO Crew, Covey has upgraded his training regimen with the OMORPHO G-Vest weighted vest and G-Wear, helping him improve strength and mobility to be ready for game time.

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