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The Nicholson Twins On Training With The OMORPHO G-Vest

June 2023
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When building our OMORPHO crew, we immediately connected with the Brian and Scott Nicholson and their multifaceted approach to training and wellness. Their choreography and schedules require strength and stamina, and historically, dancers didn’t have training tools like the OMORPHO G-Vest weighted vest or G-Wear weighted apparel.

Growing up in Ohio, the Nicholson twins developed an early love of dance, movement and creativity, leading them to become in-demand dancers for some of the world’s biggest pop stars, including multi-platinum artist Ariana Grande. While earning degrees in dance and business from The University of Akron, they continued training in ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop and street jazz.

Beyond being dancers, the brothers are acclaimed choreographers and creative directors for global tours and awards shows. They also teach classes around the U.S. and have helped shape curriculums at various studios. At the core of their talent are passion and artistry, which they seek to share with their collaborators and students. 

Below, Brian Nicholson talks about their love of dance, training and OMORPHO products like the G-Vest.

Your style of movement centers around creative self-expression and free movement. How do you feel the OMORPHO G-Vest fits into that?

I honestly, with my whole being, really feel like this vest, and the support I feel when wearing it, authentically helps me do what I do. Especially when you’re trying to train and feel what you’re doing, the G-Vest is the best thing to support you athletically and emotionally. I love to have it cinched and holding me because it feels safe, tactile, and supportive. There's nothing better when you are trying to operate from an authentic, expressive place.

Some say that wearing the G-Vest makes them feel like a superhero. How does it make you feel when you wear it?

I completely agree. When I put on the G-Vest, I feel like it’s armor. It feels cool to wear, too. It’s like a second skin. It feels like something you can wear out into the world or any training environment to deliver your best.

How does fitness play a role in your dance and training?

Fitness and training play a massive role in dancing. They cannot exist without each other. As dancers, we're always doing exercises and drills. We rehearse choreography to remember it in our bodies in the best way possible. It’s part of fitness to push the body to its best capacity and make the dancing feel natural.

Fitness is also a way to support your lifestyle or career. It gives you a place to operate from when you're trying to do your best. It also plays an important role in art, especially with dance, because we wouldn't be prepared on stage without fitness. Or when we're in front of all these huge crowds, we want to feel like the work we put into our training helps us enjoy the moment. 

At OMORPHO, we often discuss the “OMORPHO effect,” which includes the feeling of taking off the vest after training. How would you describe it?

Once I'm done training and take it off, I feel both weightless and euphoric. It feels like I can fly, in a way. I'm just digesting what happened in my training session, and I feel excited. It really gives you the feeling of being a superhero, and once you take off your cape or your armor, you still feel that way. That’s the most important thing. It makes you feel good outside of your workout, too. It’s really essential to feel confident and know you gave it your all.

Do you style your G-Vest in any particular way while at dance practice? 

My favorite thing is cinching the vest closer, so I can feel it supporting me. Of course, it’s always helping you no matter what because that’s the way it was designed. I love to cinch it, feel held, and then pair it with something baggier on the bottom, like the OMORPHO G-Short. I like that they are free-flowing. I love playing with proportion, so the tight vest and loose short combo are perfect.

Are you and your brother competitive, collaborative or both? What does that look like?

All three! When you’re born into a twin situation, you're always competitive. And then, when you look alike, the world just pushes you to compete against each other. With our jobs, we're very collaborative. We have to be. It’s fun to figure out who will come up with the best idea, best dance move, etc.

What are some of the future goals that OMORPHO could help you reach? 

As a dancer and artist, I feel so blessed to be part of a brand, team and company that really cares about dance. Dance is respected within our communities, but often, brands don’t take it seriously as an art form. Break dancing is even part of the Olympics now, so change is happening. Dance is as entertaining as other sports, but it doesn’t get the followers it should. We love being part of OMORPHO and the way the company appreciates dance, sees the future and sees what’s “now.” I can't wait to share this with more dancers in more training spaces. 

We’ve been in this industry for almost 17 years and with one artist for 12 years, working nonstop. We’ve said no to many brands because we don’t feel they see or support us. OMORPHO is different. They're about the artists. They're about the athletes. They're about humans. They're about progression. They're about the future of this world and not just about making money, which is important. It's nice to be a part of something so authentic with a brand that cares. We feel it.

How can OMORPHO help more dancers and dance as both a sport and art form?

It’s interesting because many dancers who wear the G-Vest might feel a step behind the choreography at first, but then when you take it off, you might also feel ahead of the steps. That’s what we’ve noticed, and in a way, it means the vest is helping with body awareness, which is crucial. As dancers, we don’t have anything to help us train or go to the next level regarding athletic gear. OMORPHO has changed that. You can put it on with whatever you’re wearing and then take it off. It molds to your body. Nothing else in the industry gives us that. It’s a game-changer.

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Brian and Scott Nicholson are beloved dancers and choreographers for some of the biggest pop stars in the world. They are OMORPHO crew members passionate about training and wellness to support their physically intensive careers and schedules.

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