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men's pro bundle

G-Vest, G-Top SS & G-Short



color: Glare
size: S-M

g-top short sleeve

color: Black
size: S
OMORPHO M G-Top SS Black short sleeve weight shirt - front portrait

g-short 2‑in‑1

color: Ocean
size: XS
OMORPHO M G-Short Ocean weighted shorts - front pocket view

The Pro Bundle gives you ultimate versatility to mix & match your MicroLoad™ for any workout, or wear them together to maximize the impact. When worn together, a total of 14 lbs of added weight is evenly distributed across your core and legs. The G-Vest has 10 lbs of stainless steel weight enclosed in a comfortable conforming neoprene construction, and 4-way adjustability to get that perfect fit. The G-Top Short Sleeve adds 2 lbs across your torso. G-Shorts add 2 lbs of across your upper legs, distributed in a pattern that doesn't interfere with natural body movement.

Why you'll love it

Great for
Functional fitness, group workouts, strength training and athletic development. Wear the Pro combination to add maximal challenge to your workout routine. Wear them to boost your next hike or walk.

Fit and Feel
The G-Vest spreads the weight naturally across the torso and back within a flexible construction. The G-Top SS and G-Short are smooth on the inside, made with flexible fabric to move how you move.

Adjustable and Comfortable
G-Vest has adjustable shoulder straps for torso length and a side-cinch pull to get the perfect fit. The front zip and side cords lock in place to keep the vest snug while the body is in motion. The G-Top SS and G-Short are made with sweat-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable, no matter how intensive the workout.

Easy to clean
Spot clean the G-Vest after your workout, or hand wash in cold water, then hang to dry in the shade. The G-Top SS and G-Short are machine-washable. We recommend you turn them inside-out, wash in cold water, and hang to dry.

Just The Details

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