men's strength bundle

G-Vest & G-Short



color: Glare
size: S-M

g-short 2‑in‑1

color: Ocean
size: XS
OMORPHO M G-Short Ocean weighted shorts - front pocket view

Get stronger with in the award-winning G-Vest paired with our weighted G-Shorts. Designed to build strength in any activity from functional fitness to HIIT to Group-X. The G-Vest has 10 lbs of naturally distributed micro-weights coupled with flexible neoprene layers to make it a comfortable addition to your training gear that won’t impact how you move. Our weighted G-Short adds 2 lbs of additional weight across your legs to build and stability.

Why you'll love it

Great for
Functional fitness, group workouts, strength training and focused athletic development. Wear the G-Vest and G-Short to add resistance training to your regular workout routine, to boost the challenge of a run or hike.

Fit and Feel
The G-Vest spreads the weight naturally across the torso and back within a flexible construction. The G-Shorts wick sweat and keep you cool with 4-way breathable stretch that moves like you do.

Adjustable and Comfortable
For G-Vest, adjust the shoulder straps for torso length, and side-cinch pull to get the perfect fit. The front zip and side cords lock in place to keep the vest snug while the body is in motion. The G-Shorts are made with woven fabric that wicks sweat while providing the challenge of added weight from hip to toe.

Easy to clean
Spot clean the G-Vest after your workout, or hand wash in cold water, then hang to dry in the shade. The G-Shorts are machine-washable. We recommend you turn inside-out, wash in cold water and then hang to dry.

Just The Details

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