women's strength bundle

G-Vest & G-Tight



color: Glare
size: S-M

Expected to ship by Tuesday, 5/14


color: Black
size: XS
Woman's weighted leggings

Get stronger with every workout in these weighted essentials. The 5 lb G-Vest is designed to be added to any activity from walking to HIIT and strength training to Group-X. It’s flattering slim fit naturally distributes the weight across your torso for ultimate comfort without impacting how you move. Our popular G-Tight provides an additional light load across your legs that will burn a more calories with every step.

Why you'll love it

Great for
Functional fitness, group workouts, strength training and focused athletic development. Wear the G-Vest and G-Tight to add resistance training to your regular workout routine, to boost the challenge of a run or hike.

Targeted MicroLoad
6 pounds are strategically placed over your torso and thighs to distribute the weight evenly across your core and maximize training results without damaging joints.

Fit and feel
With the G-Vest you can adjust the shoulder straps for torso length and pull on side-cinches to get the perfect fit. The front zip and side cords lock in place, a small detail that goes a long way through jump lunges and burpees. G-Tight is smooth inside, made with flexible and moisture-wicking fabric with a slim fit.

Easy to clean
Spot clean the G-Vest after your workout, or hand wash in cold water, then hang to dry in the shade. The G-Tights are machine-washable. We recommend you turn inside-out, wash in cold water and then hang to dry.

Just The Details

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