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2023: OMORPHO Year in Review

December 2023
OMORPHO TeamSmall weights. Big results.
COVER year in review 2023

As the year comes to a close, we want to take a few minutes to reflect on the defining moments that helped shape the OMORPHO journey in 2023 and thank all of you for making this year unforgettable. The year has been marked by new partnerships, innovative product releases, and recognition from some of the most esteemed publications in health and fitness. Let's delve into the key highlights that shaped OMORPHO's remarkable year.

New Partnerships

OMORPHO has been active in forming new partnerships with notable influencers, athletes and teams across various training and athletic  disciplines, highlighted by the MLB World Series Champion Texas Rangers who trained throughout the season in our flagship G-Vest weighted vest. The collaboration with Michael Johnson, a world-renowned sprinter known for his extraordinary achievements on the track, brought a new level of expertise to the brand's mission. Vashti Cunningham also joined the team as an Olympic hopeful in Track and Field, alongside our long-time partner Annie Kunz as she prepares to compete in the Olympic heptathlon. Earlier in the year, OMORPHO partnered with Mason Plumlee, center for the LA Clippers to bring  OMORPHO’s G-Wear and G-Vest to the NBA, and we continued to expand our partnerships within the NFL, signing New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis. Demario joins fellow NFL players Alexander Mattison, DeeJay Dallas, Julio Jones and Britain Covey on our football roster. Each ambassador athlete, bringing their own unique insights and performance experiences to the table. These partnerships have not only helped the athletes in their training regimes but also have validated the effectiveness of OMORPHO's products for a wider range of sports enthusiasts.

Awards and Honors

In 2023, OMORPHO was honored with several prestigious awards, reflecting our innovative approach to fitness and wellness. We were named one of the “Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company, for our lineup of micro-weighted apparel and vests. Additionally, our products received accolades from esteemed health and fitness publications. The G-Vest was recognized as the 'Best Weighted Vest Overall' in the Home Gym Awards by Men's Health and as the 'Most Versatile Overall Weighted Vest' by Women's Health Magazine, among others. We are honored to receive these awards that celebrate our dedication to creating products that fuel a fit life by combining functionality with cutting-edge design, emphasizing their impact on the industry. They are a testament to our team’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the positive impact our products have on fitness and wellness.

Sweat Smarter Campaign

A standout initiative of 2023 was the "Sweat Smarter" campaign, which was highlighted by a partnership with Jennifer Jacobs, a respected figure in the fitness industry, and several female influencers in the health and wellness industry. The campaign put a spotlight on women and celebrated the passion and energy of the female athlete. From walking to competitive sports, the campaign empowered women in their fitness journeys, promoting the benefits of smart, effective workout routines that could be amplified by the G-Vest and G-Wear.

Product Releases

In terms of products, OMORPHO continues to push wearable resistance to new heights. The year saw the release of new colorways for G-Vest, including Sun, Lavender, and Arctic, adding a splash of style to the innovative functionality of our weighted gear. The expansion of color evokes a sense of style, personalization and excitement for our weighted training products. We also introduced extended Tall sizing and broader color selections on select G-Wear products to suit a border range of sizes and body types of athletes.


Throughout 2023, OMORPHO expanded its workout offering within the OMORPHO App, crafting a diverse array of fitness routines and challenges available free of charge to all OMORPHO customers.  The monthly app workouts challenge and inspire our community to push their limits, from high-intensity EMOM and FIRE workouts to targeted legs, cardio, and full-body burns. We've also shared glute-focused exercises and interval training, all while debunking fitness myths and underscoring the benefits of micro-weighted training in our G-Vest.

Science and Technology

On the scientific front, OMORPHO continues to research and share insights into the technology behind our products, particularly the benefits of MicroLoad™ and wearable resistance training. OMORPHO’s Head of Science, Dr. Erin Feser, provided research-backed information that illuminated the performance benefits of weighted vests for elite athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike. This focus on science and research is a cornerstone of OMORPHO's product development and fitness philosophy. We continue to conduct research both internally and through independent third parties to explore and validate the effectiveness of OMORPHO products.

What’s Next in 2024

While we celebrate 2023, we won’t take our foot off the pedal. Next year in 2024 we will expand our distribution to make it easier for consumers to trial our gear, unveil revolutionary new products and continue to fuel your fitness pursuits. Cheers to you for making 2023 an unforgettable year at OMORPHO!

The year has been marked by new partnerships, innovative product releases, and recognition from some of the most esteemed publications in health and fitness. Let's delve into the key highlights that shaped OMORPHO's remarkable year.

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