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4 NFL Players On Resistance Training With OMORPHO Gravity Sportswear

February 2023
OMORPHO TeamSmall weights. Big results.
NFL wide receiver Julio Jones trains with OMORPHO Gravity Sportswear

From day one, OMORPHO’s mission has been to help people become fitter, faster and stronger. These attributes are particularly vital for professional athletes, including football players, many of whom use resistance training and weighted vests to achieve results. 

Our OMORPHO Crew, which includes NFL athletes Julio Jones, DeeJay Dallas, Alexander Mattison and Britain Covey, train with the OMORPHO G-Vest and G-Wear during workouts and practice. The MicroLoad provides just the right amount of added weight to help give them a competitive edge when performing at the highest level.

As professional football players prepare for Super Bowl LVII, we asked four OMORPHO football players to share how OMORPHO has helped them upgrade their resistance training and boost their workout performance.

Britain Covey

Wide Receiver/Return Specialist, Philadelphia Eagles

Britain Covey capped off a stellar collegiate career with a 97-yard kick return for a touchdown at the 2022 Rose Bowl and will attempt to repeat that feat when his Philadelphia Eagles take the field at Super Bowl LVII. He talks about how training with MicroLoad has helped him prepare for the big game. 

“OMORPHO is revolutionary because you get the benefits of lifting while playing your sport. You can do the exact movements you're going to be doing in a game [but] with MicroLoadthat's evenly distributed across your body. If I think about what will directly translate to the field, I can run routes training with weighted tights and a weighted shirt, so that I'm working the exact muscle groups I'll use when I compete.”

“I love it. I've always said this, but it's a really cool-looking product, too. If you haven't worn it, it's hard to understand exactly how great it is. Throughout my life, I’ve always trained with weighted vests, but they were big and bulky and never fit very well to my body. You couldn't run with them. The moment I put on the OMORPHO G-Vest, I told my marketing agent, ‘Get me in contact with this team because I need their products.’” 

Read more about Britain Covey’s take on training with a weighted vest.

Julio Jones

Wide Receiver, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Julio Jones has achieved the most receiving yards by any player since entering the league thanks to his distinct combination of size, speed, strength and body control. During his 12-year career he’s prioritized his fitness and continues to incorporate resistance training into his routine. 

“I’ve played football my whole life, so training apparel is essential. When I first tried on OMORPHO G-Wear my first thought was, ‘I can’t believe no one has done this before!’”

“Wearing OMORPHO helps me to just be myself. The weight distribution throughout the Gravity Sportswear is amazing. I barely feel it; it doesn’t hinder me at all. I can still get great knee drives. And then once I take it off, I feel way lighter. That’s the OMORPHO effect. It’s game-changing, man. There’s just so much you can do with it.”

Alexander Mattison

Running Back, Minnesota Vikings

Alexander Mattison was a major contributor for the Vikings inside the red zone, scoring a career-high five touchdowns during the 2022 season. He talks about how adding only a small amount of weight to his training has yielded big gains on the field.  

“I like to use the OMORPHO G-Vest and G-Wear throughout the week and season. The MicroLoad really helps me not only in my football movements but also in staying grounded, balanced and stable in my knees and ankles. By burning extra calories and doing that extra work, I feel more explosive and stronger. I’ll wear it in training camp, to see how much I can take with the pads on. With the pads off, I wear it at least twice a week.”

“After using it for months, I'm jumping a lot higher. My explosiveness and broad jumps are a lot better. I went back home during the off-season, and I trained in OMORPHO gear the entire time. It’s definitely paying off, and I've noticed since the beginning. Looking back now, it’s not an inch difference, it’s like a 4-6 inch difference.”

Read more about Alexander Mattison’s take on resistance training in OMORPHO 

DeeJay Dallas

Running Back, Seattle Seahawks

DeeJay Dallas had his most productive rushing season in 2022, averaging 5.3 yards per carry and helping his team earn a spot in the NFL Playoffs. He believes that an efficient resistance training plan can help athletes have a competitive edge both physically and mentally. 

“I remember when I first saw OMORPHO’s products on Instagram, I thought, ‘This is what I need to take me where I want to go,’” says Dallas. “I saw the videos, did my own research and knew it would help. I wear the OMORPHO G-Tight and G-Short every day. I wear the G-Vest if I'm running or training my upper body. I train in it so much that when it’s time to perform, there’s no fear. You can play freely because you know you put the work in.”

“For a while, I almost didn’t want to tell people how good OMORPHO is,” he adds. “Every time I wear it, people come up to me and ask me about it. People know now, the cat’s out of the bag!”

Be sure to watch Britain Covey and the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LVII and sign up for the OMORPHO newsletter to get the latest on the Crew.

Our OMORPHO Crew, which includes NFL athletes Julio Jones, DeeJay Dallas, Alexander Mattison and Britain Covey, train with the OMORPHO G-Vest and G-Wear during workouts and practice. The MicroLoad™ provides just the right amount of added weight to help give them a competitive edge when performing at the highest level.

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Britain Covey Training With OMORPHO G-Vest Weighted Vest

As a member of the Philadelphia Eagles receiving core and special teams unit, Britain Covey is laser-focused on body control and resistance training as the foundation for his speed and stamina. Since joining the OMORPHO Crew, Covey has upgraded his training regimen with the OMORPHO G-Vest weighted vest and G-Wear weighted apparel, helping him improve strength and mobility to be ready for game time.

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